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These Tips That You Can Use For The Home To Stay Cool Even Without Air Conditioner

Your house certainly needs a good air conditioner in order to get a cool and fresh air. However, this should also be considered because it could be your air conditioner becomes damaged. If this happens, then you can use the services of air conditioner servicing singapore so that your air conditioner can be repaired properly.

However, if the repair takes time, then there are several ways to keep your house cool and fresh without an air conditioner.

1. The window of the house
Opening the window will make your house temperature fresher because there is more sunlight coming in. Install a curtain or place an ornamental plant to absorb some of the sunlight.

2. Turn off the lights
Use a modern lamp that uses LED technology so that the room can get more heat. However, the best idea is to turn off the lights to reduce the heat of the room naturally.