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These Benefits Can You Feel If Stop For Short Of Social Media

On the internet, you can certainly do whatever you want to do. One is using social media. For that, those in the village also want to have a good internet connection. This you can get because now there is internet desa that will give the best connection for your internet.

Have you ever been bored with everyday activities that focus only on social media? That could be a sign that you should start fasting social media and get some of these benefits

– More focus on yourself
If you are usually busy with a mobile phone and do a selfie or take any photo to upload to your media social account, by doing social media fasting, you will begin to see this world from your own point of view. Not just for imaging.

– Stop comparing yourself to others
In social media, people are competing to show themselves better than others. Whether it’s in terms of economy, achievement, or even just ability in certain things. Many people are showing off photos of food as if they were an upscale elite who daily ate in fancy restaurants.