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Here Are Some Mistakes In Car Maintenance That You Need To Avoid

Care on the car is certainly very necessary to get perfect car performance and smoothly. For the maintenance that must be done for your car, you can find the best heavy duty car battery charger for dead battery charger for the dead battery so that the battery you use can last longer.

Unfortunately, there are still people who take care of his car in a way that is not true and later can be very bad for the car. Therefore, there are some treatments that will indeed be in direct contact with the car engine. Some of the maintenance mistakes you need to avoid are

– Turn on the machine in the morning while stepping on the car gas
Do not step on the gas pedal when starting the engine in the morning. If often done would cause a bad effect on our vehicles. Because lubricants have not fully smeared the engine when the new engine is turned on and sudden friction without oil can make the machine age short.

– Turn on AC at high RPM
Make it a habit to turn on the car AC when Rotation Per Minute (RPM) is low or when the engine is idle when the accelerator is not stepped on. Do not turn on the air conditioner when the car is driving and RPM is high. This is to avoid too hard friction between the pulley and pressure plate on the AC compressor and the engine work heavier.

– Balancing and Spooring
Doing balancing & spooring seems still rarely done by every car owner. Most of these activities are only done when necessary or when the car has a complaint. We recommend balancing and spooring every 10,000 or 20,000 km. Balancing & Spooring can also reduce the consumption of lower fuel, tires did not quickly become bald.

– Never service routine and just change the oil
There are still many car owners only do car oil changes, gears, and axles. But the move is not accompanied by a regular service for the sake of pressing the budget. The way is very wrong, the machine will be more optimal if fully addressed. That way the car remains durable and comfortable when used.