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There are so many theories and unanswered questions about the effects which ayahuasca brings to the people’s minds. In the form of a tea, the psychedelic compounds of the plant will be consumed by those who seek the cure for their depression, stress, and addiction in South-America. However, due to the stories that we have heard from the cured patients so far, their experiences can be rather “abstract” or simply unbelievable. Meanwhile, you may visit ayahuascahealings.com/ to know more about this amazing plant.


Some people said that they’ve got to face their fear and regrets in the realm of their mind, while other’s simply have gone through an indescribable experience that made them feel as if they’ve been “reborn”. On the other hand, in the more extreme cases, some others have experienced a journey which they have to face and embrace their own fear, stress, depression, and anxiety in their true from within their own head. Nevertheless, the fact that many people have told others that they’ve been cured by the plants have made ayahuasca gets more reputation in the world, all the while the curiosity of the people make more others to pursue this amazing plant even more.