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Why People Who Are Pregnant Don’t Get to Follow Boot Camp

TACFIT Boot camp is a physical training program that is trained and supervised by instructors from fitness centers, personal training or even former military personnel.

Physical activity that is too intense and carried out quickly is high risk causing pregnant women to fall. Because the center of gravity of your body will change during pregnancy so that your body’s balance is vulnerable to faltering. So, you should first consult with your obstetrician and get approval before registering at the nearest boot camp program. Especially if even before you are pregnant you never try to boot camp or do similar interval training.

The important thing is that you have to be very familiar with the intricacies of your own body and understand to what extent your physical abilities are currently. Tell the instructor or personal trainer if you are pregnant and when you have difficulty in certain sessions. After that, the instructor will adjust the program to your condition and provide appropriate training techniques.

You must keep your heart and breath steady. Always meet your fluid needs before, during and after exercise to avoid dehydration. Stop the exercise immediately when you start feeling tired; until they can’t talk because the breath is too hard; and don’t force to do movements that you can’t follow.

Boot camp is not recommended from 20 weeks gestation. Because physical activity that is too strong can make the stomach uncomfortable along with fetal growth. In addition, your tendon muscles will be more flexible due to increased relaxin hormones, which are hormones that increase the risk of clots and sprains. Getting closer to labor, all the joints of the body begin to loosen up as an effect of childbirth preparation. Therefore, you need to avoid doing movements that stretch the muscles too much so as not to trigger muscle and ligament stiffness.