The Right Way of Moving Piano

Moving a large 3-legged piano like a grand piano becomes one of the challenges for you. Because to move it required people who have expertise in the field so it should not be arbitrary in moving the grand piano. Grand piano has more features than other piano models such as upright or baby grand piano. Baby grand pianos and upright pianos have a fairly lightweight compared to a grand piano that generally weighs up to 300-400 kg. So it takes some people to pick it up. To move it, you need a special trolley so it can be moved safely. You can also hire moving goods such as an expert piano so your piano can be lifted and moved safely. Or you can visit piano removals Brisbane to help you.

Musical instruments that are as expensive as it should require serious maintenance from the owner. We recommend that you take good care of your piano because the loud and good sound comes from the way you care.

The most important thing to do is to do the Tunning on a regular basis. So if you have an acoustic piano, you should often pay attention to the tunning schedule. Although the piano is often played or not in play must also get serious attention about the tuning at least 5 to 7 months. This routine activity is useful to keep the sound stability of the piano. If you want to move the piano to another room do not forget to pay attention to the tunning. Because each move the piano will bring serious enough impact to the sound quality produced from the piano.

the piano is placed in an air-conditioned and closed room. Because air-conditioned room can create a stable and conducive room. If the temperature in the room where your piano changes at any time then the piano will quickly fade and bury. If it happens when the piano is still one year old will look old later. Please note that do not put your piano near a window or a place that is often exposed to dust. Because if you put in the room, the piano will be easily exposed to dust from outside the window and into the piano toning gel.

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